Experts in exports, imports and port operations.

Meet the experts charged with the responsibility to aggressively and imaginatively market this port worldwide. These transportation and development professionals work to make the most efficient use of the port's capacity to move cargo, promote commerce, generate economic development, and inform the public they serve.

Led by an executive director, the Port Authority staff provides leadership for and support to the local maritime community. These individuals conduct business in an open, fiscally responsible, and positive atmosphere; strive to enact policies that are environmentally sound and socially acceptable; and make every effort to deliver services in a timely, professional manner.

Vanta E. Coda II Vanta E. Coda II
Executive Director

Vanta E. Coda II became executive director of the Duluth Seaway Port Authority on Oct. 1, 2013, bringing with him to the Great Lakes over 20 years of experience in multimodal transportation and logistics including marketing and sales, pricing and financial analysis. Throughout his career, Coda worke…More
Kevin Beardsley Kevin Beardsley
Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Beardsley was named the Port Authority's Chief Financial Officer effective December 1, 2014, becoming just the third CFO in this agency's history. He brings with him 20 years of experience in accounting, taxation, financial management and strategic planning. His work has encompassed m…More
James D. Sharrow James D. Sharrow
Director of Port Planning & Resiliency

Jim Sharrow joined the Port Authority staff in September 2002 as facilities manager and, in August 2015, was named Director of Port Planning and Resiliency. He is responsible for overseeing the organization's capital program, maritime policy, risk management and security plans, plus it…More
Adele Yorde Adele Yorde
Public Relations Director

Adele Yorde joined the Duluth Seaway Port Authority in April 2008. As Public Relations Director, she provides strategic, creative leadership for the Port's marketing and advertising campaigns and is responsible for special event coordination, media relations and community outreach. Yorde c…More
Deborah DeLuca Deborah DeLuca
Government & Environmental Affairs Director

Deborah DeLuca joined the Port Authority as Government and Environmental Affairs Director in 2014. A noted expert on redevelopment projects and environmental policy, she was a founding board member of Minnesota Brownfields, a nonprofit established to ensure the effective reuse of brownfield sites ac…More
Kate Ferguson Kate Ferguson
Director of Business Development

Kate Ferguson was named Director of Business Development for the Duluth Seaway Port Authority, effective July 13, 2015. She is the first point of contact for companies pursuing domestic and international trade opportunities. Responsible for developing, attracting and retaining business for th…More
Jason Paulson Jason Paulson
Facilities Manager

Jason Paulson was named the Port Authority’s facilities manager in November 2015. He serves as a liaison with tenants, service and governmental agencies, private contractors and other property users to derive maximum safe and efficient use of Port Authority-owned land, structures, facilities, …More
Becky McMillan Becky McMillan
Executive Assistant

As executive assistant, Becky McMillan provides technical, material, and procedural support for the Port Authority executive director, staff, and Board of Commissioners. McMillan has overall responsibility for handling Port statistical information, board meeting preparation, minutes, recordkeeping, …More
Anne Mann Anne Mann
Administrative Assistant

Anne Mann works closely with all department heads, handling countless responsibilities for people engaged in maritime commerce, business development, public relations, and property management. She has the overall responsibility for filing and library/record retention schedule development. A native o…More
Shellie Golden Shellie Golden
Staff Accountant

Shellie Golden maintains overall responsibility for Port Authority financial statements, fixed assets, grant compliance, cash reporting, sales tax reporting, and accounts receivable reporting. She assists with accounting systems development and maintenance by being responsible for coordinating …More
Sheryl Toland Sheryl Toland
Accounting Analyst

In her role as accounting analyst, Sheryl Toland ensures accurate and timely payment of the Port Authority's obligations and is responsible for accounts payable, invoicing, bank reconciliations, and payroll; she also assists the staff accountant with special projects. Toland joined the Port Aut…More
Robert C. Maki Robert C. Maki
Legal Counsel

Robert C. Maki serves as outside legal counsel to the Duluth Seaway Port Authority and its Board of Commissioners. Maki is a member of Maki & Overom, Chartered and can be reached at: 31 W. Superior St., Ste. 402 Duluth, MN 55802 TEL   218.726.0805 FAX  218.726.0823 …More