Great Ships Initiative

Formally launched in 2005, the Great Ships Initiative (GSI) is an innovative collaboration of the maritime industry, federal agencies, NGOs and academia whose goal is to end the problem of ship-mediated invasive species in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway Sys tem.

The Duluth Seaway Port Authority is one of several project partners supporting GSI’s research and testing services in an effort to accelerate the development and installation of effective ballast water treatment systems on ships that visit this inland waterway.

To that end, GSI has established research capabilities at three scales—bench, land-based, and shipboard – each dedicated to addressing specific evaluation objectives, with protocols as consistent with IMO and state/federal requirements as practicable. The project’s lab space and testing center is located in the Duluth-Superior harbor and is being jointly coordinated by scientists from the University of Wisconsin and University of Minnesota. Project management is being provided by the Northeast-Midwest Institute of Washington DC. A 20-member advisory panel (which includes the Port Authority’s executive director) provides oversight.

Great Ships Initiative

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