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Clure Public Marine Terminal


Lake Superior Warehousing Co., Inc.
1210 Port Terminal Drive
Duluth, MN 55802

T: 218.727.6646
F: 218.727.6649

Commodities: General Cargo, Heavy-Lift

Lake Superior Warehousing Co., Inc. (LSWCI) has served as terminal operator of the Port Authority's Clure Public Marine Terminal since 1991. Facilities feature over 360,000 sq. ft. of warehousing capacity among four buildings, 40+ acres of secure outdoor ground storage space, and access to four Class I rail carriers. The Terminal has twin 81-ton gantry cranes, with a tandem lift capacity of 120 metric tons, a mobile 300-ton crane and a fleet of forklift trucks and related equipment. With a world-class reputation for handling dimensional and heavy-lift cargo (e.g. wood pulp and paper, steel coil and oil extraction equipment) Lake Superior Warehousing has also become a leading North American transshipment hub for wind energy components. Designated as a Foreign Trade Zone, this Terminal offers a major advantage to industrial and commercial interests. Merchandise may be stored, processed, altered or used in the manufacture of other products within the zone and becomes subject to U.S. Customs dutie only upon entry into the domestic market.

Dock Length: 1,620 ft. (Berths 1&2); 1,000 ft. (Berth  4); Ro-Ro dock available
Depth: 30 ft.
Capacity: 360,000+ sq. ft. warehouse storage;
20+ acres outdoor ground storage
Rail Service: 4 Class I Railroads - BNSF, CN, CP, UP; 4 tracks on-dock rail; loop track
Truck access: Garfield Ave. to Port Terminal/Helberg Drive
Employees: 30-150 (including ship/special project workers)

Jonathan Lamb, President

Denise McDougall, Warehouse Coordinator