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Duluth Lake Port

602 Helberg Drive
Duluth, MN 55802-2602

T: 218.722.0538
    218.722.6506 (elevator)
F: 218.722.0076

Commodities: Grain

In early 2010, Ceres Global Ag Corp. purchased Minneapolis-based Whitebox Commodities Holdings Corp. and its 11 grain-handling operations, now operating under the name Riverland Ag Corp., in North America.  This purchse included the former AGP grain elevator in Duluth, which had been acquired by Whitebox in 2008. The elevator is well-known in the industry for its grain cleaning system, with its wheat testing low in dockage and high in protein. It also provides a high test weight (i.e. number of pounds per bushel). This facility has a 4.1 million bushel capacity. The elevator was originally operated by Capitol Elevator, a company dating back to 1905. International Multifoods, which had absorbed Capitol, sold the elevator in 1991 to Ag Processing Inc.

Dock Length: 930 ft.
Depth: 27 ft.
Capacity: 4.2 million bushels
Rail Service: BNSF & CP
Truck Access: Helberg Drive from Garfield Ave.
Employees: 13

Dean VanHorn, Terminal Manager