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Northland Pier

Vessel Fueling Facility, Duluth Public Marine Terminal

Northland Group of Companies
1420 London Rd.
Duluth, MN 55805
Located at: Northland Pier - 35 Helberg Drive

Northland Constructors
4843 Rice Lake Road
Duluth, MN 55803

T: 218.722.8170
218.722.0995 (plant)
F: 218.722.4560

Northland Pier is located in the Duluth Harbor between the W.B. Duluth Storage and Duluth Lake Port Storage grain elevators. A small development site on that pier was purchased by Northland Constructors from the Duluth Seaway Port Authority in 1994. Today, NORTHLAND BITUMINOUS accepts asphalt and concrete from area street demolition projects on that parcel of land. The material is piled and crushed onsite, then added back into a bituminous mix for new road construction. Additional aggregate is brought to the dock by vessel; the facility handles asphalt, concrete, class 5 and limestone.

Dock Length: 1,950 ft.
Depth: 27 ft.
Capacity: 35 acres
Rail Service: BNSF, CP
Truck Access: Helberg Drive off Garfield Ave.
Employees: 5

Jim Holmgren, President